Bharat Prakarsh Foundation

bharat prakarsh foundation

Bharat Prakarsh Foundation believes that kids can do anything with a great education.

Programs for Corporates

  1. Seeding Scholarships-Setting up a named scholarship @ Rs 4000/child (per annum) for deserving but needy students of Class IX and X studying in Govt. schools. This amount includes tuition fee, uniform, books and stationery. Corporates can set up a named fund viz (Company Name/Person) SCHOLARSHIP for a given number of students, which will be administered by us.
  2. Teaching Aids, like PCs, Books, Educational CDs/ DVDs for the Alternative Innovative Education (AIE) centers, called UDAAN, branded with your Company logo and name.
  3. Child sponsorship, viz Sponsoring Company "Scholar" for higher /vocational education after Class X, amount depending on the course .
  4. Sponsoring Volunteers, viz. contributing by sending Company volunteers for teaching or paying for volunteers @ Rs 1500/month/volunteer.
  5. Sponsoring an AIE center-Volunteer, food and books/stationery cost, @ Rs 800/child/month-centre, depending on the no of children in the centre.
  6. Sponsoring Art, Culture or Sports events @ Rs 5,000/event, named after the corporate.
  7. Sponsoring teachers for extra coaching @ Rs 5,000/month/teacher.
  8. Sponsoring clothes, shoes, toiletries for these children. The amount donated will go towards the corpus fund, for financing these requirements

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