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Bharat Prakarsh Foundation believes that kids can do anything with a great education.

How can I help?

Children can achieve anything with a sound education. There are many ways in which you can help us to achieve this goal:

Make a General Donation
Do you know that just Rs 4 a day - equivalent to Rs 125/ a month is enough to provide a student with tuition fee in a government school and provide learning opportunities to enhance their education and life prospects. You can sponsor a child's tuition fee for a year by donating Rs 1500/ only. In case you want to support the child's education for a year including Books and Stationery you can donate Rs 2500/ and if you would like to include their Uniform cost also the the donation would be Rs 4000/

Establish an Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Support a disadvantaged, talented student to achieve a dream by establishing a named Scholarship Fund by donating Rs 4000/ pa , administered by the Foundation, which is named by, or for, an individual, a family, business or other group.

Build the Corpus
By donating Rs 1000/ and above you can help in this mission.

Workplace Giving Schemes
Your workplace can be involved in helping to ensure access to a quality education for every young Indian. Your workplace payroll department can make regular tax-deductible donations.

Sponsorship Opportunities
We invite businesses, clubs, community organisations, sponsors, product donors and others of skill, talent or expertise to contact our office to discuss the innovative opportunities available.

Become a Volunteer
You can support the movement by registering as a volunteer and helping the Foundation in fulfilling its mission giving time and efforts towards fund raising, counseling and teaching,

For more details or to discuss any of these options: Call the Fundraising Team on 09316032266 or 9316216161 or email

91-172-4633600. 09316032266
Bharat Prakarsh Foundation believes that children can achieve anything with a good education.
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