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The role of Bharat Prakarsh Foundation is to act as a social conscience for the nation. We plan to hold up a mirror to the educators of India at city, state and national level … Its distinctive competence is to be original and to harness the support of community leaders and the community. The keynote is innovation.

Bharat Prakarsh Foundation is a NGO registered in 2006 as a public charitable trust. The objectives being as under:


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Seeding Scholarships-Setting up a named scholarship @ Rs 5000/child (per annum) for deserving but needy...

Project Udaan

BPF works presently with 32 Govt. schools that attempt to provide quality holistic education to children from poor...

Flagship Programs

Helping talented, disadvantaged young people achieve their education and personal goals by supporting them through ..

New Programs

Under the Partnership Initiative with the Chandigarh Administration, Bharat Prakarsh Foundation is monitoring .....

Our Mission & Goals


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Our foundation aims to empower economically under-privileged children through education by providing scholarships, promoting quality education, bringing tech-savvy solutions, improving child health, and developing human capital.
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To ensure education for economically underprivileged children so that every student is imbued with the confidence, creativity and imagination to seize every opportunity.

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Mr. Prithpal Singh

Principal Trustee

Managed teams in the State Bank group for over two decades in Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, and was a General Manager of Finance with Coca-Cola’s leading bottlers for almost 7 years before becoming a freelance financial consultant and Managing Trustee, Bharat Prakarsh Foundation.

Mrs. Neena Singh

Principal Trustee

After a flourishing career with the State Bank group for 18 years, she rose to head Retail for seven states as Executive Vice President for HDFC Bank. She started work for the NGO after 11 years in HDFC Bank. She is a member of Government panels for preventing Sexual Harassment at Workplace, promoting Education, and Women & Child Development among others. She is also a popular haiku poet having published two books, and several hundred haiku in internationally acclaimed journals.

Mr. Prakarsh Singh

Principal Trustee

Chair Professor of Economics, Plaksha University. With a PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s in Economics from the London School of Economics, he is a well published author and was a Senior Economist at Amazon in Seattle, USA, prior to his return to Indian roots in July, 2023.