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bharat prakarsh foundation

"The role of Bharat Prakarsh Foundation is to act as a social conscience for the nation. We plan to hold up a mirror to the educators of India at city, state and national level ... Its distinctive competence is to be original and to harness the support of community leaders and the community. The keynote is innovation."

Bharat Prakarsh Foundation is a NGO registered in 2006 as a public charitable trust. The objectives being as under:

- to empower economically under-privileged children through education by providing scholarships to the meritorious students studying in government schools.

- to promote the "Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan" in the Northern states by partnering with the Chandigarh, Punjab ,Haryana and HP Education Departments for qualitative improvement and setting up more such centres with the mission of education for all.

- to instill excellence in education through modern and innovative training methodologies and promoting such " model schools".

- to bring tech-savvy solutions to schools for building efficiencies and economies of scale through new softwares and hardware.

- to improve Child health in India through Quality Interventions.

- to promote Human Capital especially for the underprivileged for growth and equitable development.

The Foundation has been granted exemption under Sec 80 G of the IT Act and 50% of donations are exempt from Income tax in the hands of the donor.

The principal trustees are building a corpus with the support of the corporates and patrons committed to the cause of education.

All donors are given complete details of the usage of their donation and all activities are governed by the highest standards of ethics and transparency.

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