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About Us

Bharat Prakarsh Foundation is a NGO registered in 2006 as a public charitable trust. The objectives being as under:

To empower economically under-privileged children through education by providing scholarships to the meritorious students studying in government schools.

To promote the “Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan” in the Northern states by partnering with the Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and HP Education Departments for qualitative improvement and setting up more such centers with the mission of education for all.

The Foundation has been granted exemption under Sec 80 G of the IT Act and 50% of donations are exempt from Income tax in the hands of the donor. The trustees are building a corpus with the support of the corporates and patrons committed to the cause of education. All donors are given complete details of the usage of their donation and all activities are governed by the highest standards of ethics and transparency.


  1. Seeding Scholarships – Setting up a named scholarship @ Rs 5000/child (per annum) for deserving but needy students of Class IX and X studying in Govt. schools. Corporates can set up a named fund for a given number of students, which will be administered by us.

 2. Revamping Anganwadis – Project Udhaar There were 500 Anganwadi day care centers in Chandigarh run by the government, but most of them lack basic facilities, especially learning materials and games for early childhood education. We have covered 15 Anganwadis by providing dari, steel cupboard, toys, learning games, books and weighing scales at a project cost of Rs 20000/ appx per centre. We want to cover all centers in a phased manner. Children deserve a good day-care environment and this model would provide equity to these underprivileged children and make learning fun for them. Let us join hands to make Model Anganwadis where children learn through play activities in a clean and child-safe environment.

3. Clean & Safe Drinking Water programProject Neer – Provided all 500 Govt. Anganwadis with Tata Swatch Water Purifiers under Clean & Safe Drinking Water program to reduce malnutrition among kids in May 2016. Also covered 47 Govt-run creches under this project in July 2016.

4. Project Udaan – Set up computers and libraries in 70 AIE centers running in Government schools for economically underprivileged children in 2010 and 2011. BPF was awarded Education Quality Foundation of India Award at national level for this project. Post the RTE these centers were merged with schools.

5. Research Projects – facilitated to reduce malnutrition among kids of Anganwadis. We have completed 2 long-term projects in Chandigarh covering nearly 6000 children and their mothers each year. Data shows a reduction in malnutrition from 35% to 21% due to interventions such as recipe books to mothers and cash incentives and prizes to Anganwadi workers. Awarded by the Chandigarh UT Administration for contribution in social work. See documentary:

  6. Project Nanhe Akshar – actioned in all 450 Anganwadi centers. A set of 7 books* gifted to each Anganwadi worker at a program organized by the Director Social Welfare, Chandigarh. The workers & helpers will use these books every day to teach poems & read out stories to the children. This will make learning fun for them and help enhance the impact of the Anganwadis in the realm of early childhood development.

 7.Partnership with other NGOs – We have partnered with Rotary Club of Chandigarh, CII, FORCE, SOREM and other non-profit organizations to conduct projects in Govt. Schools, Anganwadis, shelter homes for children & specially abled children to improve their quality of life.

We have organized motivational training and seminars for teachers, Principals, Anganwadi workers and Volunteers through “INSPIRE” training program

You may also visit our blog for details about our activities.

Our Objective

To support the education of bright but disadvantaged children studying in Govt schools through scholarships. Stimulate new thinking, commitment and involvement in education. Engage and inspire children in Govt. schools during the compulsory years who are at risk of dropping out or disengaging from learning with the resources, role models and real-life learning opportunities they need to stay at school to Class 12 or equivalent.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision : Education inspires every young person to bring out and achieve their best.

Our mission :To work with Government schools, Anganwadis, industry and the community to give young people an excellent education and equal access to opportunity.

The Governing Council


Mr. Prithpal Singh

Principal Trustee

Mrs. Neena Singh

Principal Trustee

Mr. Prakarsh Singh

Principal Trustee

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