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Bharat Prakarsh Foundation believes that children can achieve anything with a great education

Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

Under the Partnership Initiative with the Chandigarh Administration, Bharat Prakarsh Foundation monitored 14 Anganwadi centers under ICDS for quality improvement.

The ICDS Project was started by the Ministry of Human Resources Development in 1975-76 with an aim of holistic development of children and empowerment of mothers. The incidences of mortality, morbidity and malnutrition among the children were very high. To reduce these incidences, ICDS Projects were started with an objective to improve the nutritional and health status of pre-school children by providing a package of services including supplementary nutrition, pre-school education, immunization, health check-up, referral services, nutrition and health education. The successful implementation of this scheme rests on the commitment of Anganwadi workers who are the grassroot honorary workers. The AWCs caters to day care of 3–6-year-old children. We initiated a Model Anganwadi Project- “Phulwari” which can be replicated across the country.


BPF also facilitated a research project on “Child Malnutrition in Anganwadis” evaluated by Dr. Prakarsh Singh (a Trustee of the Foundation). Papers published:

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