Educate India


Visited Govt. High School Kazheri today to meet the students recommended for scholarships. Being a school in the periphery of Chandigarh, these students come from very disadvantaged families and the pandemic situation has further caused depression due to a lack of financial resources. The mothers of these children are mostly illiterate and fathers are engaged in daily wage jobs. 

Yet these children dream of studying and standing on their feet and doing better than their parents in life. A scholarship will motivate them to study hard and complete their Class X successfully. The 10 students selected for scholarships are Alok, Ankur, Vijender, Prince, Rajan, Nitin, Supriya, Mantej, Mausam & Rinki. 
Dr. Amarjit Kaur Girgla, our valued Patron, and her family have committed 20 scholarships in the memory of their beloved Dr. Gurdev Singh. We covered 10 scholarships of GHS Sector 53. This school will also be covered under Dr. Gurdev Singh Memorial Scholarships @ Rs 5000/ each for 10 scholars (7 boys and 3 girls). 
We at BPF are thankful to the Girgla doctors’ family for their contribution to the Educate India mission.

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