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Bhagirath Vidyalaya is an initiative taken up by the Deaf Leaders of our Tri-City under Sangeeta’s Hands and Eyes Foundation. There are 24 students enrolled in the center at Zirakpur– 12 girls and 12 boys. It is being run by Mr. Nitesh Sharma whose parents are hearing impaired.

They approached us for support in acquiring sign language books up to Class 5 which are being prepared by the Haryana Welfare Society for hearing-impaired students. One set of 13 books costs Rs 2600/ and they need 10 sets. Their Foundation is procuring 3 sets and we will assist them in getting the balance 7 sets.
2 sets are being donated by student Anya Bhatia Arora @Rs 5200/ and 2 sets from Bharat Prakarsh Foundation are committed. Donors for the remaining 3 sets are needed to support the students of this institution.

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